29 Ways to Stay Creative
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Creativity is a fascinating concept, one I’ve wrestled with in my teaching and one I’ve debated with my students. Can creativity be taught? Are some people just naturally more creative than others? What if you don’t feel like a creative type? Is there any way to get more creative?

I’m an advocate for the idea that creativity can be taught, harnessed, and improved. Creativity, while perhaps a natural characteristic to some genius personalities, doesn’t come immediately or easily for most of us. Rather, creativity requires practice, trial and error (the willingness to fail often in order to learn and improve), and dedication. Creativity is a process of trying, thinking, re-doing, and doing a number of iterative tasks that encourage light bulbs to turn on.

I could list a number of ways that I think help improve creativity, but I think this wonderful motion graphic created by TofuDesign sums of some of the best (and simplest) ideas for improving creativity: