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2016 TechCon Digital Track Preview, Part 2
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Image - techconsquare16.jpgWith this year’s TechCon fast approaching, we are taking a look at the incredible lineup of sessions in this year’s digital track. Just a reminder that the Early Bird deadline is fast approaching. Register by Friday, March 18 to take advantage of the special pricing:

Also, don’t forget to check out our post on PBS Digital’s TechCon Grant for digital attendees.

In part two of our deep dive, we look at sessions in the Digital Track that focus on how to connect with audiences and create content that engages. If you missed yesterday’s post on digital strategy focused sessions, you can check it out here.

Tune in tomorrow for a look at the Digital track sessions focused on technology and products. For a full look at the 2016 TechCon sessions, download the full agenda at

How KQED’s Deep Look Gets Made 
Deep Look is a ultra-HD (4K) short video series that explores big scientific mysteries by going incredibly small. They recently won best digital series at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and have over 25,000 YouTube subscribers. This session will be a deep dive into how an episode of Deep Look is created. We’ll discuss that process-- including necessary equipment, editing, publishing, story research and promotion. This session will be hosted by Craig Rosa, Series Producer and Josh Cassidy, Lead Producer and Videographer.

Big Blue Live Social Media Case Study 
Big Blue Live, a three-night live event co-produced with the BBC, was an unprecedented, multi-platform initiative that established many firsts for PBS, including its most robust, comprehensive social media plan, on-air social integration, and digital presence, at the time. Hear about the challenges and takeaways about this programming initiative from the Programming, T&O, and Digital Programming & Social teams.

Flipping the Web Script: Digital Content at Every Level 
There are a ton of options when it comes to producing digital content that can beef up your station’s digital presence. You can use content that might be on the cutting room floor or execute a quick behind-the-scenes video or image to build on engagement within your community. Alternatively, you can even take on larger scale projects, like an immersive, multi-station project. No matter the choice, this session walks you through an understanding of what techniques might be best for your station, some examples of engaging digital material, and the resources required to produce this content.

The Secret Weapons of Online Engagement 
“Engagement” has become a standout buzzword in our industry and is a moving target for many of us. Although likes, comments, shares and retweets cover the basics, we’ll show you how to take your online strategy a step further. Interact with your audience and get real-time insight through Twitter chats and polls to shape online and on-air content. Learn how your station can take advantage of online contesting to boost brand awareness, leverage user generated content and garner station support from sponsors and donors. Adding these tools to your belt will help you engage with your audience no matter your resources. Plus, we’ll brainstorm ways to convert these engaged audience members into active donors.

Social Media Tips & Tricks from the Local & National Level 
PBS and WNIN will discuss both the challenges and opportunities social media can offer pubmedia publishers, from local and national perspectives. We’ll also provide a variety of easy-to-use platform-specific tips, based on current trends and functionalities, and what we’re experimenting with, and watching out for, including platforms like Snapchat and Periscope.