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2016 TechCon Digital Track Preview, Part 1
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Image - techconsquare16.jpgWith this year’s TechCon fast approaching, we are taking a look at the incredible lineup of sessions in this year’s digital track. Just a reminder that the Early Bird deadline is fast approaching. Register by Friday, March 18 to take advantage of the special pricing:

Also, don’t forget to check out our post on PBS Digital’s TechCon Grant for digital attendees.

In part one of our deep dive, we are looking at sessions focused on digital strategy. More specifically, sessions about all those strategic decisions that let your station create real impact in the digital space.

Check back in on Monday for a look at the engagement and content sessions in the Digital track. For a full look at the 2016 TechCon sessions, download the full agenda at

Testing Innovative Fundraising Strategies to Acquire New Donors 
The fundraising landscape has changed. As on-air revenue declined 11% in 2014 (SABS), digital strategies to acquire new donors are critical to your station¹s financial sustainability. Growth of online revenue is driven by the type of ask, engagement opportunities, and tools you use to maximize conversion ¬ and increase donor value. By the end of the session, you¹ll come away with practical tips, proven best practices, and examples from across the system to take back to your station and expand your fundraising strategies to TechCon acquire new donors.

WORKSHOP: Rethinking, Refocusing, Reinvesting Your Website 
Does your website design get ya down? Does it keep you up at night? In this session the presenters will introduce, help spark ideas, and provide impactful, real-world strategy, tactics and tools for rethinking your website and digital workflow. Learn how to more effectively leverage your station's website to showcase programming and digital content. Come prepared to rethink, refocus and reinvest your website.

The Joy of Analytics: Recipes for Digital Insights 
How are you are your digital analytics kitchen? “Chef” Dan Haggerty will show you how to whip up some of his favorite recipes for analyzing Google Analytics data. Dan will get you cooking with examples of insights from the PBS audience and then show you step-by-step how to conduct the same analysis with your data. You’ll learn techniques for everyday analytics meals like “How are my links on performing?” and “What are my most popular shows in COVE?" to decedent deserts like “What's driving donations on my site?” and “What videos are my Passport members watching?” The best part is that these delectable insights don’t require any fancy data ingredients. They can be mastered with staple data you already have in your own pantry. The goal is for you to leave with the skills you need to master a menu of delicious insights for your organization to feast on.

How to Fail Gloriously—Then Come Back From Defeat! 
Failing breaks your heart, spirit and backs. But it doesn’t take you out of the game, more often it actually prepares you for a bigger success later on. Hear from your station peers and other public media thought leaders on how they took their failures and transformed them into successes. There’s a fairytale ending after all.

Technology, Data and Editorial: A Digital Marriage Made in Heaven 
This session will cover the ways digital technology and development, data and analytics and editorial functions can work together to make digital projects more successful.