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Digital Products & Services

Our Digital Media Advisory Council (DMAC)

A group of key leaders within the public television system.

DMAC members act as advocates for stations and collaborate with PBS Digital to ensure that stations' needs are met and priorities considered as PBS Digital delivers products and services to the system.

DMAC members actively participate in soliciting and sharing station feedback and assisting with general outreach within the system. Feedback and outreach activities include participating in PBS Digital professional development events; providing feedback on draft communications; actively participating on the PBS Digital Station's blog and participating in other mentoring activities involving stations.

View the Digital Media Advisory Council Charter.

Andrew MAccartney, Council Chair

VP of Education and Digital

Georgia Public Broadcasting

Tabitha SaFDi, Vice Chair

Director of Digital Strategies

South Carolina ETV

Maribel Lopez


TPT - Twin Cities PBS

James Davie

Director of Programming and Digital Media


Natasha Padilla

Director of Audience Engagement


brant Wells

Senior Director, TV Production & Ops


Bijan rezvani

Senior Director of Digital

Public Media Group of Southern California

ashley Rammelsberg

Senior Web Designer

New Mexico PBS

Chris hastingS, producer liasion

Executive Director, WORLD Channel

WORLD Channel & WGBH

Laura Dick

Digital Content and Marketing Manager

Montana PBS

Susannah Winslow

VP of Development


Chad Matlick

Director of Digital Services and Marketing

West Virginia Public Broadcasting

deanna mackey, mmg liasion

Executive Director

Major Market Group

Jeff Tucker

Director of Content

Idaho Public Television

Amanda Mountain

President and CEO

Rocky Mountain PBS