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Start Dayparting Your Social Media Posts

Posted by Taylor Berglund on

You may or may not be familiar with “dayparting” as a television or radio strategy. Basically, you schedule different shows for your early morning time than you would for mid-afternoon, primetime, or even late night. More and more, though, companies are starting to use dayparting in their social media as well. It’s an intimidating-sounding word, but it’s actually really easy to implement.

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PBS Flickr, Video, Pop-Culture Buffs and Thinking Local

Posted by Phil Piga | Event Strategy & Production Director | PBS & PBS KIDS on

Looking to gain more station traction on Facebook? With photos driving so much social media engagement, we want to remind you about the PBS Flickr page and offer some creative ways to use the pictures. This could really increase your Shares which is a big key to social media success.

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Meme Monday: The Do's and Don'ts for Social Media

Posted by Joche Angbazo, Station Products and Innovations Intern | PBS Digital on

Do you have a case of the Mondays? Well the @PBSinterns are here to help. Each week, I will explore a different topic pertaining to public media, and share my opinions, along with the opinions of the other interns I work with. And to make your Mondays a little easier, I will deliver my findings in the most fun way possible – through memes, of course!

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Now Playing: PBS Online Film Festival

Posted by Taryn Stewart, New Media Content Editor, PBS Digital on

We're excited to announce that the 2014 PBS Online Film Festival officially launched today! The third annual festival is back with a new website, sophisticated voting features, and a very user-friendly way to share your favorite films. Watch all the films, vote for your favorites, and share them with your friends!

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Welcome to Meme Monday

Posted by Joche Angbazo on

If I know anything about the work atmosphere of any office, it’s that Mondays can be a little hard to get through, having just come back from the nice weekend break. My goal with this blog series is to help lighten up the start of the week with a fun post featuring memes, gifs, and videos—really anything that will help bring humor to your day.

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Use HootSuite to Send New COVE Video Alerts to Social Media

Posted by Natalie Benson, Kevin Dando on

Hello Friends, This month’s Social Media Spotlight is a follow-up to some discussions held at this year’s PBS Annual Meeting in San Francisco. For those not in attendance, Heather Fullenkamp, from WEDU, suggested saving time on social media posts by setting up an auto-post via HootSuite for new COVE videos.

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PBS Digital Studios Wants to Give Your Station a DSLR

Posted by SPI Team on

PBS Digital Studios is excited to announce a new opportunity to receive a DSLR camera and accompanying equipment. If your station has an idea for a web video series but lacks the necessary equipment, PBS Digital Studios wants to hook you up. The May 30th deadline is rapidly approaching, so fill out the application and send to Scott Willey as soon as you can.

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Best of DEG: Makin' Friends with Ryan Miller

Posted by Marketing Associate (PBS Digital), Brionne Griffin on

If their first two hit videos (If PBS Were a Beer and TomGirl Juice Co.) are any indication, Vermont PBS has a knack for producing high-quality web videos with overtones of their signature wit and charm. And this trend only continues with the launch of their latest series, Makin' Friends with Ryan Miller.

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DEG: KTTZ's Crowdfunding Success

Posted by Marketing Associate (PBS Digital), Brionne Griffin on

A few weeks ago, we announced the launch of two new crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo. These campaigns were unique in that PBS Digital Studios agreed to match all the funds raised, up to $10,000. With a number of hours left in each of these campaigns, we're excited to share that both campaigns have met and exceeded their goals. Read the inside story on KTTZ's success below, and come back Mond...

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Social Media Spotlight: YouTube Flags

Posted by Natalie Benson, Kevin Dando on

Howdy, folks. We wanted to take this month’s Social Media Spotlight to address an issue on YouTube that we know stations have encountered for quite some time, but even more so as of late—copyright strikes and flags on uploaded content.

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