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New Bentomatic: PBS Digital Studios

Last Updated by Jen Carter on

PBS Digital Studios developed a new and exciting Bentomatic that is now ready for stations to add to their sites. This Bentomatic came out of requests made by stations (like Detroit Public Television) for more easily accessible Digital Studios content on station sites.

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New Bentomatic: In Memory of Joan Rivers

Last Updated by SPI Team on

Comedian Joan Rivers passed away today at the age of 81. To commemorate her life and work, PBS Digital created a new Bentomatic page you can easily add to your local station's website.

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#NewsHourChat: How Important is Early Childhood Education?

Last Updated by Nora Daly | Audience Engagement Specialist | PBS NewsHour on

According to one of the most famous studies on education in American, access to early childhood education impacts more than a child’s future GPA. The “High/Scope Perry Preschool Study” followed 123 children born into poverty between the years 1962 and 1967.

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Chomp on This: Cookie Monster's Challenge App for iPad

Last Updated by Maria Vera on

PBS KIDS and Sesame Street recently launched a new app, called Cookie Monster’s Challenge. This is the first app that PBS KIDS has developed with Sesame Workshop and is launching just in time for Sesame Street’s 45th anniversary

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Rethinking College in 3 #NewsHourChats

Last Updated by Nora Daly | Audience Engagement Specialist | PBS NewsHour on

As students around the country prepare for the fall semester, many will have more than midterms to worry about as they face rising tuition, student debt and an uncertain job market.

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Social Media Spotlight: Introducing PBS NEWS

Last Updated by Natalie Benson, Kevin Dando on

Happy last Thursday of the month! It’s time for this month’s Social Media Spotlight – PBS NEWS on YouTube.

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Local PBS Stations Accept Paula's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Last Updated by Brionne Griffin on

What better way cool down on a hot summer day than to pour a bucket of icy water over your head? While it is incredibly effective, there's a lot more to this story. From celebrities, to politicians, and everyone in between, people all over the nation are willfully drenching themselves in arctic water in the name of charity. The ice bucket challenge raises awareness for ALS, in addition to raising

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Station Benchmarking Report Update

Last Updated by Brionne Griffin on

We're very excited to share the latest version of the Station Benchmarking Report. The program launched earlier this Spring, and this is the second installment, showing data through full quarter Q2 2014 (April-June).

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How to Tweet All Day Without Losing Your Job

Last Updated by Taylor Berglund on

It's no secret local station employees wear numerous hats and are responsible for several things at any given moment. It can be difficult to manage, but keeping a strong Twitter presence doesn’t always require all of your precious time. In fact, by using these tips below, it's possible to maintain a healthy Twitter feed while still doing all of your other jobs.

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Google Analytics Custom Dashboard Templates

Last Updated by Amy Sample on

Since Google Analytics now allows people to share Dashboards, I wanted to share some of the ones I created for the step-by-step guide. Copy the link and paste it in your browser. Then just apply it to any profile(s) you like. The layout and settings will be applied to your own data.

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