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America After Ferguson: Lessons in Live Tweeting

Last Updated by Brionne Griffin on

The "America After Ferguson" town hall special debuted last week, giving the American people a chance to come together and discuss this event and consider the larger ramifications of the officer's actions. For many, the story of Ferguson, Missouri has become a symbol of the larger social divides in America, exposing a persistent disconnect along lines of race, class and identity.

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WHRO Debuts Web Series Featuring Local Artists

Last Updated by Dina Richards on

Last week, WHRO Public Media in Norfolk, Virginia, debuted its weekly web series, “The Scene”. The series highlights work of visual and performance artists, musicians, improv performers, and many others around coastal Virginia.

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Idaho Public Television Reveals Their Geo-Targeted BBC VOD Service

Last Updated by José Fernández on

Idaho Public Television was the catalyst for BBC geo-targeted videos on Bento. They use Bento blogs for their videos, which allows them to schedule their posts ahead of time. The BBC offers bug-free promo videos which Idaho PTV posts on COVE to promote their exclusives website. We caught up with Kris Freeland, IdahoPTV's Station Manager, Education Services and Outreach, to discuss implementation.

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Best of DEG: Truly CA

Last Updated by SPI Team on

From San Francisco's rich Chicano and Mexican influences, to a look at the transformation of the Mojave Desert's Salton Sea, from popular resort to an ecological disaster, Truly CA brings to life true stories from around the Golden State.

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NewsHour Twitter Chat: What’s the Economic Impact of the Rise of Single U.S. Adults?

Last Updated by Nora Daly | Audience Engagement Specialist | PBS NewsHour on

Every month the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases an “Employment Situation Summary” based on current employment and population statistics the agency collects. While looking over the August report, economist Edward Yardeni noticed something surprising — the majority, 50.2 percent, of U.S. adults are now single.

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Sign up for PBS Digital's New Monthly Localization Report

Last Updated by Kate Alany on

We’re excited to announce that we’ve created a new and improved version of the Localization report for PBS stations!

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WGVU Public Media Celebrates Being an Art Nerd

Last Updated by Bradley Gordon | WGVU on

Everyone’s a nerd for something, and at WGVU Public Media you’ll find us nerding out for just about everything. From exploring fractal geometry, to the chemistry of crème brûlée, from Austin City Limits to happy little trees, WGVU Public Media is the original sanctuary of explorers, and their obsessive, intelligent pursuits.

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3 Resources for Your PBS Promo Toolbox

Last Updated by Phil Piga | Event Strategy & Production Director | PBS & PBS KIDS on

Whether you are promoting a local event for your station, a national PBS show or event, or just want to spruce up the scenery in your office, PBS has tools that can help. Below are three, easy-to-access station resources to have handy at all times.

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New Bentomatic: The Roosevelts

Last Updated by SPI Team on

As we turn our attention to Ken Burns's 7-part documentary The Roosevelts: An Intimate Portrait, PBS Digital put together a collection of programs, clips, and web extras from across the system to get everyone up to speed on one of the most prominent and influential families in American politics.

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NewsHour Chats: Does Think Tank Diversity Matter?

Last Updated by Nora Daly | Audience Engagement Specialist | PBS NewsHour on

Of approximately 1,823 think tanks in the United States, over half are university affiliated. Because of this, law schools and other graduate programs are a primary pipeline to careers in the think tank sector. Lack of diversity is a major problem within many of the nation’s top graduate programs.

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