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Why exclude internal traffic?

To make sure you're looking at actionable data in your Google Analytics account, be sure to filter out internal data. Internal data is data that comes from within your organization. Do this because you and your team use your website very differently than the people who visit your site and this can result in skewed data, particularly if your internal traffic is sizeable. If you didn't do this upon set-up, no worries! You'll want to keep an original profile, or "raw" profile (an untouched, unfiltered profile of your data) and then set up another profile with the filter applied. 

This section demonstrates how to exclude internal traffic. 

NOTE: We realize some stations are in unique situations where excluding internal traffic isn't reasonable (like those in university networks). If you're unsure as to whether or not this is right for you, contact Kate Alany at or 703-739-5081 to discuss.

Step 1: Create New Profile

  • Begin by creating a new profile and call it something like "WXXX No Internal Traffic."  You can do this by creating a copy of your original profile and then renaming it.

NOTE: This step is critical because when you add filters to a profile, the data you exclude is completely unavailable.  In other words, the filter is "permanent".

  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  • Go to Admin and then select an account, a property, and a profile you want to copy. Then click on profile settings (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  • At bottom of page click on copy this profile.
  • Give this a new profile name(lightbulb) Remember to use a distinct name so you can distinguish it from the original view.
  • Click copy profile.

(question)  What gets copied? Settings and features controlled at the view level (like filters, goals, users and their permissions) are duplicated in copied views. Shared assets (like annotations, advanced segments, and alerts) are not duplicated into copied views. Note: this new profile will not contain historical or retroactive data.

Step 2: Create Filter

Figure 2

You're done!  You should begin seeing results within 24 hours.


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