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To create a dashboard in Google Analytics, log in to your GA account and go to the profile for which you'd like to create the Dashboard.  Then, on the left-hand pane, click Dashboards then+New Dashboard (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Select either a Blank Canvas (to create your own from scratch) or select Starter Dashboard (which will help you get started with a few widgets).  Give your Dashboard a name and click Create Dashboard.  Add widgets to your Dashboard based on what data you want to look at and in what formats.  For example, you can choose to look at data in Pie Chart format which will require you to choose both the metric and a dimension (Figure 2).

Figure 2

What's the difference between a metric and a dimension?

A dimension describes data (think of it as a container that different metrics can then be associated with) while metrics are the individual measurements in a dimension. BrowserExit Page,Screens, and Session Duration are examples of dimensions, while ScreenviewsPage per Visit, and Average Visit Duration are examples of metrics. All Analytics reports are based on combinations of dimensions and metrics.


You can also apply filters to your Dashboards in order to include or exclude certain data from a widget and you can link individual widgets to full reports in Google Analytics.  

NOTE: You're allowed 20 Dashboards per GA profile and each Dashboard can contain up to 12 widgets.

Once you've created a dashboard, you can add widgets to it from within a regular report screen.  Just look for Add to Dashboard at the top of each report and then select what data you want to include and to which Dashboard you want to add it (Figure 3).

Figure 3

The following are links to two dashboards that you can add to your account.  Just click the link then choose the profile to which you want to apply it:


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