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This section demonstrates how to create Advanced Segments in your Google Analytics account.  

  • Login to your Google Analytics account. From the main dashboard, locate the arrow that will open the Segments toggle (Figure1).

Figure 1 

  • Click the arrow to open the toggle. All existing Advanced Segments display (Figure 2).  Now you can begin creating new Segments.

Figure 2 

  • Click +Create New Segment (Figure 3). 

Figure 3 

  • Use standard parameters such as Technology and Behavior, or use Advanced parameters to create a Segment of mobile and tablet visitors (Figure 4).

Figure 4

  • Once you are done selecting your parameters, click Save.  Choose your new Segment to see your reports by that Segment and any others you create (Figure 5).

Figure 5 

  • Click Import from Gallery to import Segments from Google and various Google Analytics users from the gallery (Figure 6).

Figure 6 

  • A gallery of user Segments displays.  Import the user segments directly into your Google Analytics account (Figure 7).

Figure 7

(question) For questions on Advanced Segments, contact Kate Alany (



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