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eMarketer Registration for PBS Stations Available Now!

Last Updated by SPI Team on

We are excited to announce that due to an expansion in an ongoing partnership, PBS Digital is now able to offer PBS stations full access to a powerful research tool.

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KLRU Boosts Campaign Revenue by 76% Using Predictive Analytics Software

Last Updated by Natasha Hilton | Senior Associate | Development Services on

This past December, KLRU, an Austin, TX based PBS member station, in partnership with PBS National, signed on with ExactAsk—and just 16 business days later, saw a 76% increase in campaign donations by changing the donation amount using the ExactAsk software.

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Analytics How-to: Lightbox Traffic Data from

Posted by Kate Alany | Director | Digital Analytics and Consumer Insights, Dan Haggerty | Director | Digital Analytics on

If you read anything about the latest efforts by PBS to send more traffic to local donation forms you may have been left asking yourself; "Can I see data for this traffic?" Or, even better; "How can I tell if this traffic is valuable to me?"

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Campaign Tagging: SPI Series Webinar

Last Updated by Amy Lust on

Learn how to utilize campaign tagging at your stations from PBS Digital Analytics.

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Campaign Tagging: Measuring Your Digital Outreach

Last Updated by Emily Patterson | Senior Manager | Digital Analytics | PBS Digital on

If you manage social media accounts or run an enewsletter, you probably spend a lot of time creating interesting content. You look at stats such as Facebook likes or email click through rate to figure out what engages your readers.

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