Station Analytics & SEO

Station Analytics Tips and How-Tos

Create a Dashboard

Learn to make a Google Analytics Dashboard.

Create Advanced Segments

How to create Advanced Segments in Google Analytics.

Excluding Internal Traffic

Learn to exclude internal company traffic from the site usage analysis.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Track specific, user-triggered events that occurred on your website.

Google Analytics Metrics Glossary

A list of common terms used in Google Analytics.

Inserting Google Analytics code in COVE Admin

Track page views and events for your video portal.

Segmenting mobile vs. desktop streams

View the number of streams that occurred on specific devices.

Search Engine Optimization

How to improve your site's traffic through use of search engines.


The Nine Network builds a Digital Dashboard

Last Updated by Dale Fisher on

The Nine Network's Dale Fisher in St. Louis, MO shares his experience building a digital dashboard during the Digital Immersion Project.

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WGCU focuses on the value of digital with data

Last Updated by Barbara Linstrom on

WGCU's Digital Media Director Barbara Linstrom illustrates how the Digital Immersion Project helped her sift through mounds of data.

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Experimenting with Digital Engagement Tools Webinar Recap

Last Updated by Angela Massino, Ami Kim on

This session presented several mini case studies involving innovative experiments in social and digital engagement at WCVE/Community Idea Stations. Read the follow up questions.

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New Station Localization Report

Posted by Kate Alany on

Later this week, PBS Business Intelligence will be sending out the NEW Station Localization Report

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Build Audience Profiles with New Data from PBS Business Intelligence

Last Updated by Eliza Jacobs , Associate Director on

If you are looking for data to help build your audience profiles and/or work to attract local corporate support, PBS’s Business Intelligence offers a variety of data resources for stations through the Member Station Digital Workplace.

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