Station Analytics & SEO

Station Analytics Tips and How-Tos

Create a Dashboard

Learn to make a Google Analytics Dashboard with our user friendly API.

Create Advanced Segments

How to create Advanced Segments in Google Analytics.

Excluding Internal Traffic

Learn to exclude internal company traffic from the site usage analysis.

Finding Events in Google Analytics

Track specific, user-triggered events that occurred on your website.

Google Analytics Metrics Glossary

A list of common terms used in Google Analytics.

Inserting Google Analytics code in COVE Admin

Track page views and events for your COVE video portal.

Segmenting mobile vs. desktop streams

View the number of COVE streams that occurred on specific devices.

Search Engine Optimization

How to improve your site's views through use of search engines.


Webinars: Road to TechCon

Last Updated by Katie Wilson on

Join PBS Digital for two encore performances of the most popular sessions from TechCon16.

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Use This Benchmarking Report to See How Your Station Stacks Up

Last Updated by SPI Team on

Since the September report release, we received requests from several stations wishing to be added to the report. If you are one of those stations, hang tight! Your data will be added into the November 2014 release (which will be out in December). To find your station in the report, simply use the drop down menu at the top right of the report and find your station using call letters.

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Digital Analytics: Localization and Benchmarking

Last Updated by By Jen Carter Hinders | Assistant Director | PBS Digital on

Gathering, measuring and understanding the right data that aims to track user behavior and preferences on a consistent basis, are essential parts of any effective digital strategy.

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New Google Search Algorithm

Last Updated by Emily Patterson | Senior Manager | Digital Analytics | PBS Digital on

Google is launching major changes to its search algorithm on April 21st, 2015. The new algorithm is focused on making it easier for mobile users to find content that is optimized for their devices.

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Campaign Tagging: Measuring Your Digital Outreach

Last Updated by Emily Patterson | Senior Manager | Digital Analytics | PBS Digital on

If you manage social media accounts or run an enewsletter, you probably spend a lot of time creating interesting content. You look at stats such as Facebook likes or email click through rate to figure out what engages your readers.

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