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Thanks for your interest in posting localized information on PBS’s Facebook page. In the past three years, we’ve published geo-targeted posts for more than 100 local PBS stations on PBS’s Facebook page.

Here is the process by which you can have posts published to the PBS Facebook page. If you have any questions, please contact me at

As you already know, PBS has the ability to post information on its Facebook page which can be targeted to specific geographic areas. Facebook allows us to target individual cities (example: Denver) or multiple combined cities (example: Denver, Boulder, Longmont), an entire state or combination of states -- with one message. Facebook can’t target zip codes or counties.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please email Kevin Dando ( with these 4 pieces of information. All 4 are required for any Facebook post.  


Please send the below information in an email with this subject line: “Station Facebook post” to

1) Please write what you would like to have included in the post itself (limited to no more than 400 characters, including spaces)

2) Please include a link/URL where you want to send people, whether on your website, or elsewhere on Facebook.  If you have an image that you would like to be highlighted, please send that along as an attachment.

3) Please say which date you would like the post to go live. (It’ll be most helpful if you can give at least 2 days notice, so I can ask you any questions about the post, if need be, before it should be published online. We can accommodate posts with less notice, but two days is the optimum time frame.)

4) Please say which city/cities OR state/states you would like to target.


Here are examples of the different kinds of posts you can place on the PBS Facebook page:

1) Facebook Page solicitation

1)  Attention Denver!  

Do you know about Rocky Mountain PBS’s Facebook page?  “Like” it at to get schedule updates, localized information and more -- all tailored just for you!  Link: (Target: Denver)

2) Tune in promo:

Hey South Dakota!

Tune in tonight as South Dakota shares its treasures with the world! It’s the premiere of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW: Rapid City. 7:00 Central, 6 Mountain on SDPB-TV. Then stay tuned for BEHIND THE SCENES AT ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. More at

3) Local Event:

Attention Denver!
Join us tonight at 7pm for Denver's Community Cinema screening: “Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai.” Featuring our community-focused, environmentally-conscious, entrepreneurial organic gardeners, artists, and youth-mentoring panelists Neambe Leadon and Ietef Vita! Click here for more details: (Link: (Target: Denver)


Some recent stations that have taken advantage of this offer to do geo-targeted posts::

Vermont Public TV

WKNO / Memphis

Colorado Public Television

Maryland Public Television

SDPB -- South Dakota

Twin Cities Public Television




NHPTV (New Hampshire)

Rocky Mountain PBS











Nashville Public Television






WV Public Broadcasting