PBS.org Redesign Recap- Station Components 

The PBS.org redesign launched on December 15, 2015. There many supporting products were built to support the new site and surface all the information. Below is a list of PBS products and how they relate to station information and components on the new pbs.org. To better understand the role supporting products have in relation to the redesign use this refrence document outlining where station modules are pulled from to surface on the new PBS.org. 

A check list is available detailing each supporting product and the station components of each. Download the list here.

Recorded Webinars: 

Updating Station Show Logos
Station show presence on the redesigned PBS.org and station video portal requires updated show logos in black and white color profiles. See information and examples here. Show logo dimenions are 1000x500, or a 2:1 ratio, transparent PNG in black and white color profiles. To update show logos submit them via the Digital Support Portal

Curate is a tool for stations to manage their presence on the new PBS.org. Review Curate resources- webinar slides presented can be found here and the webinar recording can be watched on GoToWebinar. Take a look at the stations modules Curate and Station Data Manager will populate in the new design for PBS.org homepage on this chart

Station Data Manager
PBS Digital is working to improve the workflow for managing core station data to make two major improvements: identify and unify all core station data and create a single system of record, and put data management with the stations. Learn more about the Station Data manager on the SPI blog.  Watch the recorded webinar about Station Data Manager. Submit a Support Portal ticket today to gain access! 


PBS.org Show Genres

Station Program Genre
The redesigned PBS.org and upcoming versions of PBS Apps make extensive use of program genres. Users will be able to search, filter, and browse programs by these genres. Assigning a genre to a program allows users to more easily find that program. 

Station Landmark Image
The station landmark image is an iconic photograph that instantly conveys a sense of place. It appears towards the middle of the redesigned homepage; the links in its module mirror the station super nav from the top of the page. Learn about station landmark images and the required specifications here.  If your station still needs to submit a station landmark image, submit the image via the Digital Support Portal today!


Feel free to reach out to your Digital rep or submit an inquiry via the Digital Support Portal if you have any questions.