What is the PBS KIDS Preschool Block module?

The Preschool Block module allows you to include Dot's Story Factory and/or Dash’s Secret Treasure Game on your station site. The module is built in Flash and hosted on pbskids.org, so there are no files that need to be hosted on your end.

In addition to Dot's stories, the Preschool Block Module incorporates Hooper and other Preschool Block characters, allowing you to insert local scheduling information.

What does this module look like in a browser?


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Customization options

The PBS KIDS Preschool Block module can be implemented in many different options and customizations. Choose from five layouts to best fit the look and feel of your site.

See examples of all five options here

  • large vertical
  • large horizontal
  • large game of the day
  • large storyfactory
  • small vertical