What is the PBS KIDS Customizable Station Player?

The PBS KIDS Customizable Station Video Player Module allows stations to customize a video player to feature specific shows, channels and games. Unlike the PBS KIDS National Video Module (launched in February 2010), the customizable video moduleis more flexible in design, allowing stations to change the color and size of the video player to fit branding needs and website structure.

What does this module look like in a browser?

Click here to see what this module looks like in a web browser

aetnsample.jpg   stationplayer_image1 copy.jpg


I want to add this module to my website

(thumbs up)I am ready to implement the PBS KIDS Customizable Station Player!

Customization options

  1. The Customizable Video Module is compatible with FLASH or HTML.
  2. Stations can create different “playlists” based on PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! shows, channels or keywords.
  3. Customize colors, control rack (play, pause, volume, etc), video screen and release/playlist locations.
  4. You can add your own specific custom skin to the player.