Instructions for implementing the Planet GO! Module

Step 1 - Registration

Stations interested in creating their own Planet GO! website must first request a username and password from PBS. Please contact Scott Cummings at with the following information:

    • Station Name
    • Station Call Letters
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Email Address
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Station’s Branding Image
    • Station Time Zone

Once this information is sent, you will be supplied with a username and password to access your station’s admin account. You can find the back-end login at . This is where you will be able to customize your Planet GO! website.

Step 2 - Setting Up Your Planet GO! Station Site

Please review the Planet GO! Implementation Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Planet GO! website.

Step 3 - Module Implementation

  • Download module images (940x75 or 300x300):
  • Copy the entire string of code in Figure 1
  • Paste the code into your HTML template where you would like the module to appear on the page
  • Replace where the image is located on the server to the location of the provided banner ads on your server
  • Replace height of this ad with the desired heigh of the ad
  • Replace width of this ad with the desired width of the ad

Figure 1

<a href="station's planetgo url"><img src="where the image is located on the server"alt="PlanetGO banner ad"height="height of this ad"width="width of this ad"/></a>

Implementation for Bento

Implementing this module on Bento? Use the Explorer Station Call to Action Smart Snippet and add it to your page(s). Please review the Planet GO! Documentation for further instructions on setting up your Smart Snippet. For more general instructions on how to add Smart Snippets to a page click here.