What is the GeoJourney module?


GeoJourney uses the principles of GeoCaching to virtually teach 8-12-year-olds about map navigation, geography and historical knowledge. The module includes a variety of customizable promotional items such as custom stickers and postcards, dynamic online promotional widgets, vector logos and an event planning guide. Implementation is easy and requires embedding a simple HTML snippet on your station's kids site.

GeoJourney was created and is hosted by WFSU on WFSU servers. While GeoJourney has undergone review by PBS, it is not possible for PBS to guarantee application uptime or future content changes. Any questions regarding GeoJourney should be sent to trish@wfsu.org.

This module comes with a promotional package that can be found at the bottom of the implementation page.

What does this module look like in a web browser?

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