The initial implementation steps for this module take place on the WFSU website. This allows WFSU to verify branding images and prevent non-PBS third parties from abusing the custom branding feature of the application.

How to implement this module

  • Go to the FacePlace Setup Wizardand complete the following steps:
    1. Upload your branding image to WFSU servers.
      1. Branding images must be in one of the following formats: png, gif, jpg.
      2. Image uploads are limited to 150 KB.
    2. Select your desired banner size.
      1. There are three potential FacePlace banners from which to choose.
      2. Previews of the available banners can be viewed while using the FacePlace Setup Wizard.
    3. Provide WFSU with a contact email address for your FacePlace administrator.
      1. From time to time PBS or WFSU may need to contact FacePlace administrators. The provided email address will be used for all FacePlace-related communications.
  • Receive a snippet of HTML to the email address you specified in the FacePlace Setup Wizard.
  • Place the code onto your website.
    • This HTML displays the banner image you chose, and will link to the FacePlace servers at WFSU.
    • The url of the branding image you uploaded will be passed to the FacePlace application and will be displayed on each page of the application for all users that arrive at FacePlace via your site.