Below are links to modules that provide PBS KIDS content to be used on your station site:

PBS KIDS Game ModuleFeatures a game carousel from the PBS KIDS website, which kids can scroll through and choose a specific game to play.
PBS KIDS GO! A... B... See Me!Allows kids to upload a picture of themselves or of a friend which then becomes part of a learning adventure - followed by a short quiz and links to additional resources on the subject.
PBS KIDS GO! Collect the Dots!Challenges kids to collect fun and unique "Dots" -- colorful, graphical badges that they can earn by engaging with the PBS KIDS GO! broadband player embedded on your station site.
PBS KIDS GO! FacePlacePBS KIDS GO! FacePlace is a free online site that gives children the chance to learn while engaging in entertaining activities starring their favorite PBS characters.
PBS KIDS GO! Find Five Fun Facts!Creates a multimedia mashup to host on your site.
PBS KIDS GO! GeoJourney!Use the principles of GeoCaching to virtually teach 8-12-year-olds about map navigation, geography and historical knowledge.
PBS KIDS GO! iQ ZooMake your local zoo, aquarium, or other animal sanctuary a fun and educational experience using iQ Zoo's mobile and web experience!
PBS KIDS GO! Local EekoCreature Players!Allows kids to earn points and create crazy new creatures. This widget showcases fun EekoCreatures from your local station community!
PBS KIDS LoginConnects kids' interests, favorites and creations back to their local PBS Member Station.
PBS KIDS GO! MyStories!Allows kids to solve a case by answering a series of questions drawn from PBS KIDS GO! shows available via the PBS KIDS GO! station player.
PBS KIDS GO! Planet GO!A tool for stations to share and promote local events to families in their communities.
PBS KIDS GO! Retrieving with EVIE!Teams up a child with EVIE (Every Volunteer is Essential) to clean up and recycle litter!
PBS KIDS GO! The Weather Zone!Gives kids a chance to discover and play with local weather.
PBS KIDS GO! We Can Waste Wise!Allows kids to explore what can be recycled and what can be reused, while a partnership with encourages kids to seek out local recycling centers.
PBS KIDS GO! Word Blaster!Gives kids the controls to pilot a spaceship and blast words to complete missions, each with its own literacy focus.