Using Images in Merlin & COVE


Why use images?

  • Content with images attracts more click-throughs than content with only text. 
  • Images describe your content to users quickly.

Image best practices



  • Express the people, concepts or events in the headline and description. 
  • Make it pop by using levels, curves and saturation. 
  • Rather than using a screen grab, have producers take high-resolution photos on-set or on location.
  • Only use a screen grab if the clarity is high and the subjects are in normal positions.
  • When using headshots, especially for news programs, explain in the description who is in the image. 
  • If the episode covers other stories, lead with these guests’ comments and affiliations and then transition to the other parts of the episode. 
  • Repeat images in other videos or Web modules. Images should be unique to each object.
  • Use images that are unrelated to the description and title. 
  • Use text or the program logo. 
  • Use screen grabs that are blurry or unflattering (e.g.: a subject who is in mid-sentence with an open mouth).

Image specifications for Merlin and COVE

  • Aspect Ratio: 16 x 9 
  • File Types: JPG or PNG 
  • Pixels: 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high
  • No