PBS Digital Studios partners with member stations, national producers and other talent to develop and distribute high quality, digital-first series. Here’s what we typically look for in partnerships:

  • Typically we want to be apart of the project from the beginning, we do not usually partner on series that are already produced or ‘in the can’

  • Digital series and episodes are produced in a way that can be adjusted based on audience and Digital Studios team feedback

  • Original series concepts that are relevant and appealing to a national audience, and consistent with core PBS genres

  • The series format and tone is digital-first and makes sense for its intended distribution platform (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

  • Fresh, modern editorial voice, with a PBS resemblance

  • A clearly defined audience target, supported by research

  • A plan to reach the intended audience using appropriate social platforms

  • The number of episodes and potential longevity of the digital series or digital channel. Channels can take time to grow

  • Commitment to channel optimization and ongoing marketing support

  • Sustainable funding model.  Can be a blend of crowdfunding, foundation support and sponsorship


PBS Digital Studios and PBS Member Stations


Our team can provide one-on-one consulting on digital-first programming, editorial and show format, social media strategy, channel optimization, audience development, marketing best practices, digital equipment support and more. Whether you're station is launching a new digital-first series or workshopping an idea, we'd love to hear from you! 




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