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  • Great Content - syndicated content from both national and local sources.

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  • Uniquely Yours - all Bentomatics can be customized with your unique flavor and many can be nestled right in the flow of existing content.

Ongoing Bentomatics

Events & Seasonal Bentomatics

Content for your Site

Preview PBS' Winter Lineup

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Share the excitement for the upcoming winter season on PBS with your viewers via this new Bentomatic-powered promotional site.

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Bring the Miami Book Fair to Your Local Station

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The Miami Book Fair International kicked off this week and thanks to Detroit Public Television, you can feature this national content on your local site. Whether you prefer embedding the live stream of the fair, or adding the full Bentomatic page to your local station site, DPTV has the resources you need to take part in this international spectacle.

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Vietnam UGC Bentomatic

Vietnam_helicopter_Station Poster 18x24.jpg

This UGC Bentomatic helps you gather your community stories about the Vietnam War and works to populate the Vietnam Stories page. 


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