TV Listings Manager

What is TV Listings Manager?

The TV Listings Manager is an administrative console that provides a way for stations to modify individual, local TV Schedule listings used throughout PBS Digital products.

TV Listings Manager Access

Access to the TV Listings Manager is available to station employees. Request access by submitting a support ticket.

The TV Listings Manager is an administrative console that provides a way for stations to modify their individual, local TV Schedule listings used within PBS Digital products. These are the listings people see when they visit a station's website (whether you use a PBS-provided module or have integrated the PBS TV Schedule API into your own) or when visiting localized versions of or the PBS Video mobile apps.



To request access to the TV Listings Manager admin console. Go to and file a new ticket requesting access. Allow 24 business hours for a response with a confirmation and link to the console. Each individual at your station that should have access to the tool will need to complete this process.

Documentation is available HERE.

Log-in HERE.



TV Schedules

Nielsen retiring the TV Diary benefits PBS Stations

Posted by Raj Bhansali on

As of June 28th, 2018, the famed Nielsen paper TV diary rating service has finally been retired.

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Preview TV Schedules Service (TVSS) API Available for Production Use

Last Updated by José Fernández on

We a one step closer to the TV Schedules Service (TVSS) API Gracenote transition. Today we are launching a preview version of the TV Schedules API. Stations can use this API to build out test pages and preview the accuracy of the data.

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Last Updated by Katie Wilson on

Now Open: One stop shop for all PBS Digital resources

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Product Launch: TV Listings Manager Helps Stations Improve Schedule Accuracy

Last Updated by Max Duke on

PBS Digital is launching a new TV Listings Manager tool for stations in order to improve the TV Schedule experience for station members and audiences. Here are the FOUR most important things you need to know to gain access to this powerful tool and start taking advantage of the new TV Listings Manager.

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TV Listings Manager is Coming!

Last Updated by José Fernández | Senior Manager | SPI Team | PBS Digital on

As we approach the full release of the TV Listings Manager, we asked Jess Snyder at WETA to tell us about her experience thus far.

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Deep Dive into PBS Digital’s Efforts to Improve TV Schedules

Last Updated by Jen Carter Hinders | Product Manager | PBS Digital, Jenny Markley | Director | Technical Product Manager on

It goes without saying that TV Schedule data needs to be accurate for any broadcast network. This is especially true for the public media industry, in terms of website module usage.

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Updated TV Schedule Modules are Available for Stations

Last Updated by By Jen Carter Hinders | Assistant Director | PBS Digital on

The much anticipated updated TV Schedule modules are now available for stations to add to their site(s). In an effort to streamline and elevate our product and service offerings to stations, we are looking to deprecate the TV Schedule API V1, and instead use the existing TV Schedules API V2.

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TV Listings Manager Documentation

TV Listings Manager Documentation

Dive deep into the the TV Listings Manager Documentation.

TV Schedules API

TV Schedules API

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Bento Station TV Schedule Module

Bento Station TV Schedule Module

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