Media Manager

What is Media Manager?

Media Manager is an administration console that allows stations to to manage the delivery of content across digital platforms.

What's new with Media Manager

The new Media Manager harnesses the power of the Core Data Model to create rich relationships between content, allowing for a more seamless and intelligent user experience.

Log-in to Media Manager

For security, access to Media Manager is limited to designated station employees.
Access can be requested by filing a 
support ticket.

Media Manager Puts Your Content Everywhere

Media Manager Puts Your Content Everywhere

Where does your Media Manager content surface across PBS properties?

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?

Navigate Media Manager like a pro.

Media Manager on the PBS Digital Blog

Closed Captioning Webinar Recap and Recording

Last Updated by SPI Team on

During this webinar, the new FCC guidelines for captioning standard certifications, placement, accuracy were covered. Presenters were Tom Rosen, PBS General Council; Markham Evans, PBS Digital; Steve Scheel, and Media Operations Center. Q&A guests were Chris Homer, Technology and Operations, and Jenny Markley, PBS Digital.

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Action Needed: FCC Caption Quality Standards Certification

Last Updated by Jenny Markley | Product Manager | PBS Digital on

Starting March 16, 2015, all closed caption files on broadcast and online must comply with the FCC's new quality standards for: accuracy, synchronicity, completeness, and placement.

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Vegas PBS Reveals Their Geo-Targeted BBC Video on Demand Service

Last Updated by José Fernández on

In a recent post, Julius Cain, VP of Syndication Sales for BBC Worldwide North America, explained how PBS Digital used COVE and Bento to create a turnkey solution for stations that purchase VOD rights to BBC content.

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