Bento 3.0 is the new, totally reworked, easy-to-use web platform for PBS member stations and producers. Scroll down for more info about the improvements to PBS Digital’s fully-integrated website building and management tool.


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Since soft launch in January 2017, nearly 20 stations and producer sites have launched in Bento 3.0.






This summer PBS Digital will host a series of Open Cohorts for any stations interested in Bento 3.0. These strategy webinars planned for the summer will cover the same critical topics- content auditing and setting site goals. Click on the links below to register!  

There are additional cohorts planned for late 2017 to focus on technical migration and launching. Cohorts in 2018 will be formed on an as needed basis.

Open Cohort: Site Goals - Recording
Open Cohort: Content Audit - Recording
Deep Dive: Website User Personas - Recording

September 13 - Bento 3.0 Migration Update Webinar

Recorded Webinar:
What to Expect When
Expecting a Migration

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Bento strives to be easy to use, while offering custom features, such as video and TV schedule components, designed to integrate with the PBS ecosystem. Bento 3.0 user interface has been totally reworked so it is intuitive and easy to use, even for those without much web experience.

Learn more about Bento's technical side by visiting the Bento 3.0 product documentation, or by read thorough Bento 3.0 FAQ's.

As all current Bento stations are organizing and working towards migration this fall we've designed two how-to guides for stations. These guides will help staff perform a content audit and set goals for this website. 

How-To Content Audit

How-To Content Audit

How-To Site Goals

How-To Site Goals

How-To Site Building

How-To Site Exercises



Bento user feedback is priceless to PBS Digital. Before, during and after your experience and input about Bento is important to PBS Digital. Station and Producers providing honest product feedback is crucial to the success of Bento. 

Below are two ways you can reach out to provide Bento 3.0 product feedback. The first is a feedback form that allows for users to answer a few quick questions about their experience and provide individual feedback. Or, users can email their comments and feedback to the SPI team directly.


Station Feedback form

Station Feedback Form

Email the SPI Team

Email the SPI Team