What is Bento?

Bento is a PBS-hosted service designed to help stations and producers create websites.

Bento's Goal

Bento's goal is simple: Spend more time creating strong online content and less time keeping up with technology!

Log-in to Bento 3.0

For security, access to Bento is limited to designated station employees.
Access can be requested by filing a 
support ticket.

Built with Stations, for Stations

Are you interested in creating a website? Do you want to redesign your existing Web site? Or do you just want to add additional functionality to your Web site? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, while no one CMS is the right answer for everyone, Bento may be the right choice for your station.

About Bento:

Bento is a flexible content management system for stations to create websites, manage digital experiences, and leverage Media Manager content libraries. It is designed to meet the needs of stations looking for a simple and integrated template solution, as well as stations looking to leverage content throughout the system in unique, customized ways. Bento is fully hosted by PBS, and comes at no additional cost to your station.

How To Use Bento:

With its easy-to-use interface and extensive array of plugins, once launched, Bento will greatly reduce the time and cost required for producing websites. Additionally, because anyone at your station can use this tool, the majority of site customization isn't directed solely to developer/technical resources. This will enable even the most limited resources to focus on creating and implementing additional features and functionality, enhancing the overall Web experience. Get more information with the Bento User Manual.

Bento Features:

With Bento, you're able to insert promotional stories, images, links to videos, and more. Promotional pages are a great way to dynamically host scores of content on a single page and provide viewers access to localized TV Schedules, promotional video clips, sample information and other branded content. Bento enables you to customize and configure the majority of your site's look and feel through components.

A Little Background:

Bento is a CMS solution that provides a suite of flexible, customizable and easy-to-use website building tools for PBS stations. Heavy development on Bento began in Fall 2011 as a CPB-funded grant project. Since then, Bento has experienced major improvements and enhancements. Chief among them were upgrades including a total platform shift to a responsive mobile-friendly framework that leverages the Twitter Bootstrap functionality. To date, over 70 station sites have launched, since the first major rollout began in Fall 2012. 


What is Bentomatic?

Bentomatic as a feature, allows stations to add syndicated content on to their site. Stations can then add their locally relevant content and branding to customize and localize the experience for their communities. Content for Bentomatics can come from anywhere, national or local stations. A full catalog of available Bentomatics is available, as well as tutorials and feature stories on how stations are leveraging this content on their sites in innovative ways.

Want to add Bentomatics to your site? Request one from the Digital Support Portal today!

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