PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel Avail/Interstitial Manager

What is PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel Avail/Interstitial Manager?

PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel Avail/Interstitial Manager (AIM) gives stations the ability to program sponsorship and interstitial content into 65-second breaks at the end of each scheduled program.

Who can use it?

Per PBS Board Policy, only stations participating in the PBS KIDS 24/7 multicast service are eligible to traffic local interstitial content into the localized digital live stream.

How should I use the PBS KIDS 24/7 ChannelAvail/Interstitial Manager (AIM)?

Promote local initiatives: Family Night Image

  • Local tune in

  • Local kids/family events

  • Brand or value messaging

Local Underwriting:

  • Work with your underwriting team to packge spots on 24/7 PBS KIDS

  • Add value to local partnerships and underwriting packages


Questions? Please contact the PBS KIDS team.

Need an account? Request "AIM Access" here.



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