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Vegas PBS' Web Series Features Music from Their Own Backyard

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Backyard Sessions is the first web-exclusive series from Vegas PBS. Continuing their commitment to the arts in the southern Nevada community, Backyard Sessions showcases bands and singer/songwriters who are generating big buzz all over the Las Vegas valley

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#NewsHourChats: What are the Care Options for Older Single Adults?

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What does long term care look like for unmarried elderly Americans, and what different options are available? How do the needs of older singles differ from their married counterparts? What are the unique challenges faced by this growing demographic? How does marital status impact access to services such as Medicare and Social Security?

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Vegas PBS Reveals Their Geo-Targeted BBC Video on Demand Service

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In a recent post, Julius Cain, VP of Syndication Sales for BBC Worldwide North America, explained how PBS Digital used COVE and Bento to create a turnkey solution for stations that purchase VOD rights to BBC content.

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America After Ferguson: Lessons in Live Tweeting

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The "America After Ferguson" town hall special debuted last week, giving the American people a chance to come together and discuss this event and consider the larger ramifications of the officer's actions. For many, the story of Ferguson, Missouri has become a symbol of the larger social divides in America, exposing a persistent disconnect along lines of race, class and identity.

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