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Best of DEG: Makin' Friends with Ryan Miller

Posted by Marketing Associate (PBS Digital), Brionne Griffin on

If their first two hit videos (If PBS Were a Beer and TomGirl Juice Co.) are any indication, Vermont PBS has a knack for producing high-quality web videos with overtones of their signature wit and charm. And this trend only continues with the launch of their latest series, Makin' Friends with Ryan Miller.

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DEG: KTTZ's Crowdfunding Success

Posted by Marketing Associate (PBS Digital), Brionne Griffin on

A few weeks ago, we announced the launch of two new crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo. These campaigns were unique in that PBS Digital Studios agreed to match all the funds raised, up to $10,000. With a number of hours left in each of these campaigns, we're excited to share that both campaigns have met and exceeded their goals. Read the inside story on KTTZ's success below, and come back Mond...

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Social Media Spotlight: YouTube Flags

Posted by Natalie Benson, Kevin Dando on

Howdy, folks. We wanted to take this month’s Social Media Spotlight to address an issue on YouTube that we know stations have encountered for quite some time, but even more so as of late—copyright strikes and flags on uploaded content.

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In Brief: Why You Can't Ignore Social TV

Posted by Brionne Griffin, Marketing Associate (PBS Digital) on

Social TV, otherwise known as your friends coming over to watch TV and just staring at their phones the whole time, is the undeniable force yanking viewers back to live TV.

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