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Intern Angle: PBS Digital Studios

Posted by Taylor Berglund | SPI Intern | PBS Digital on

The PBS summer interns have a unique opportunity to interact with, and learn from, a vast array of PBS staff across all departments. In this series, SPI intern Taylor Berglund profiles these PBS staff members and shares his takeaways.

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PBS Digital Studios' Online Fundraising Opportunities

Posted by Brionne Griffin | Marketing Associate | PBS Digital on

If your local PBS station wants to explore online fundraising opportunities for online video creation, look no further. PBS Digital Studios offers a number of online resources. In fact, in the last 6 months, they helped stations raise a total of $144,00 through crowdfunding. Flip through the deck for more info.

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The SPI Team Takes on Social Media!

Posted by Joche Angbazo on

The Station Products and Innovation team that you know and love is active on many social media platforms so we can be better connect with all of you. You can find us on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+. Each of our accounts offer a different experience for our followers, but the theme remains constant.

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Start Dayparting Your Social Media Posts

Posted by Taylor Berglund on

You may or may not be familiar with “dayparting” as a television or radio strategy. Basically, you schedule different shows for your early morning time than you would for mid-afternoon, primetime, or even late night. More and more, though, companies are starting to use dayparting in their social media as well. It’s an intimidating-sounding word, but it’s actually really easy to implement.

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