2017 National Memorial Day Concert LIVE STREAM

Last Updated by Tara Vaezi on

PBS will be live streaming the National Memorial Day Concert on Sunday, May 28th at 8pm.

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TechCon17: Important Things to Note...

Posted by Jess Snyder on

Jess Snyder explains the process behind the DMAC led Digital Note Taking at #TechCon17

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May 4th: May the Source be with You!

Last Updated by The Source Team on

The Source 2.0 launches on May 4th.

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#TechCon17: A 3 Step Guide

Last Updated by Katie Wilson on

What not to miss at this year's TechCon

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Digital.pbs.org Relaunches with New Resources, Blog

Last Updated by Katie Wilson on

Now Open: One stop shop for all PBS Digital resources

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YoPro San Diego: Let's Go!

Last Updated by Jennifer Carter, Amy Lust on

Believe it or not, it’s time to start getting ready for the PBS Annual Meeting. At this year’s meeting PBS Digital will be presenting a FREE young professionals workshop called YoPro San Diego.

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Veterans Initiative Page Added on Station Management Center

Posted by Megan E. Paparella | Senior Manager | Station Services on

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Veteran Initiatives page on the Station Management Center. This will be a space to share engagement case studies, resources, collaborative events and local film content.

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Value PBS Bentomatic

Last Updated by Katie Wilson on

A new ValuePBS website launched this week and it’s available for stations to integrate into their websites, using Bentomatic. It makes the case why PBS and its member stations are a trusted, valued, and essential resource for communities, educators, and families.

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Webinars: Road to TechCon

Last Updated by Katie Wilson on

Join PBS Digital for two encore performances of the most popular sessions from TechCon16.

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Going All In with PBS TechCon 2017

Last Updated by Max Duke on

This year, PBS TechCon is expected to offer even more learning, networking, and growth opportunities for attendees. The amount of sessions being offered for each discipline—T&O, Digital, Traffic—has increased, with sessions focused on digital fundraising and production being added to the mix.

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Station Innovation: WPT Serves Up Dynamic Ads in HTML5

Last Updated by Kait Vosswinkel | Online Editor | Wisconsin Public Television on

HTML5 ads are Flash alternatives that display animation without requiring plugins. Because of this, they’re great for mobile devices, SEO and a number of other reasons – read more in this NextWeb article.

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KCPT Spreads Local Music Across the Radio Dial

Last Updated by Cole Blaise | Promotions Producer | KCPT on

In January of this year, Kansas City Public Television launched their radio station, The Bridge, after acquiring NPR station KTBG and moving radio operations to the KCPT headquarters in Kansas City, MO. The new station generated a lot of buzz around the system, so we talked to the team behind The Bridge.

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KLRN Reinvents Their Online Giving Experience

Last Updated by Patrick Driscoll | Webmaster | KLRN on

At KLRN in San Antonio, Texas, we know a lot about our supporters because we spend a lot of time talking and visiting with them on the phone, during events and through other communications. What we didn’t know is why, after they found our online donation page, three out four ended up leaving.

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Web Series Spotlight: WHRO's The Scene

Last Updated by By Jen Carter Hinders | Assistant Director | PBS Digital, Dina Richards | Online Media Officer | WHRO on

The SPI team sat down with WHRO's Online Media Officer Dina Richards for an exclusive look at their successful digital web series, The Scene. In the interview Dina outlines the genesis of the project and the role PBS Digital Studios played, cross-platform marketing and promotion efforts, lessons learned, and what's next for the series.

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Web Series Spotlight: Panhandle PBS' Yellow City Sounds

Last Updated by Beau Waldrop | Web Communications Specialist | Panhandle PBS on

Yellow City Sounds (YCS) is a digital musical experience that showcases the “sound” of artists in the Texas Panhandle. From Texas country to rock ‘n’ roll, YCS highlights a diverse set of musicians in music videos filmed in intimate locations across the panhandle.

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