New Webinar: PBS Social Media 201 + meet the team!

Last Updated by Ashley Carufel on

Join the PBS social media team Thursday, June 8th for a re-presentation of their Social Media 201 session at this year's Annual Meeting.

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The Vietnam War: UGC Campaign Upcoming Webinar

Posted by Ty Carter on

The Vietnam War: A Film By Ken Burns & Lynn Novick is coming in September, and we need your help fielding stories from across the country. Join the June 15 webinar at 3pm EST to find out how you can help and what’s driving the initiative.

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2017 National Memorial Day Concert LIVE STREAM

Last Updated by Tara Vaezi on

PBS will be live streaming the National Memorial Day Concert on Sunday, May 28th at 8pm.

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Now Open: One stop shop for all PBS Digital resources

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PBS Throwback campaign - coming very soon!

Posted by Leif Brostrom on

News from Kevin Dando, Sr. Director, PBS Social Media on a new campaign kicking off this week.

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Join the NewsHour Twitter Chat Today

Last Updated by Nora Daly | Audience Engagement Specialist | PBS NewsHour on

The federal government offers exonerees $50,000 for each year spent in prison on a wrongful conviction. Should this same standard be enforced in all 50 states? What other programs should be put in place to ensure quality of life for the exonerated? What are the most effective ways to prevent wrongful convictions in the first place? Join a discussion of this topic on Twitter this Thursday, Nov. 13,

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Join This Week's NewsHour Twitter Chat

Last Updated by Nora Daly | Audience Engagement Specialist | PBS NewsHour on

Thursday marks the 25th anniversary of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The treaty outlines international standards for children’s rights in areas ranging from health to education to child labor and marriage laws. One hundred and ninety UN countries have ratified the treaty. Only three have not- Somalia, South Sudan and the United States.

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Social Media Spotlight: The Season of GIF-ing

Last Updated by Kevin Dando, Natalie Benson | PBS Social Media on

Whether you pronounce it GIF or JIF (we’re team GIF over here), animated GIFs are the newest cool kids on the block in the world of social media. So because of that, we want to provide you with a little more information about them and highlight some recent work we’ve been doing with them.

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Share Your Multicultural Holiday Traditions at This Week's Twitter Chat

Last Updated by Nora Daly | Audience Engagement Specialist | PBS NewsHour on

The number of married couples who come from different backgrounds is growing, and as a result, so is the number of multicultural and interfaith families. For many households, preserving the religious and cultural backgrounds of each member means blending traditions and customs, and even creating some new ones.

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Give Us Your Best 'White Christmas' Rendition

Last Updated by Brionne Griffin | Marketing Associate | PBS Digital on

Who doesn't love singing festive carols during the holidays? Well, now it's your turn to croon with the latest social media campaign.

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PBS Food Successfully Explains #Bingate

Last Updated by Ashley Carufel | Assistant Director | Content Strategy & Social Media | PBS Food, Matt Schoch | Director | Content Strategy | PBS Digital & PBS Food on

Guess what caused international outrage, but also created a major marketing opportunity? Melted ice cream. More specifically – ruined Baked Alaska.

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Black History Month 2017

Last Updated by Nicole Eley-Carr on

Join Black Culture Connection (BCC) for 2017 Black History Month celebrations! This year, the BCC is turning its lens onto audiences with the return of #MyBlackHistory‹ a social media campaign that asks audiences to share how Black History & Culture influences their lives and directly from their point of view.

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#MyBlackHistory | Black History Month 2016 Resources

Last Updated by Nicole Eley Carr | Senior Manager | Digital Programming on

This February, PBS Black Culture Connection is turning the lens on viewers and fans — we want to see how Black History & Culture influences their lives and directly from their point of view!

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PBS Election 2016 Bentomatic

Last Updated by Terry Mulcahy | Site Producer PBS Elections | PBS Digital on

The 2016 Campaign Connection Bentomatic is now available, linking the world of PBS election coverage to your station site. Through up-to-date coverage of the election cycle, the page provides exciting news and analysis, curated daily from the spectrum of public media content.

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#SeizetheSummer Bentomatic and Campaign

Last Updated by Matt Schoch | Director | Content Strategy and PBS Food on

Share your tips and tricks, recipes, photos and favorite memories with using #SeizetheSummer. Together, we can make this Summer magical.

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