PBS Throwback campaign - coming very soon!

Posted by Leif Brostrom on

News from Kevin Dando, Sr. Director, PBS Social Media on a new campaign kicking off this week.

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Best of DEG: Help Us Promote YOU

Last Updated by SPI Team on

Over the past few weeks, we've come across a number of excellent station-produced digital video series. We on the SPI team, along with the folks in PBS Digital Studios would love to help you get the word out about your local digital videos in any way we can.

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Web Series Spotlight: WHRO's The Scene

Last Updated by By Jen Carter Hinders | Assistant Director | PBS Digital, Dina Richards | Online Media Officer | WHRO on

The SPI team sat down with WHRO's Online Media Officer Dina Richards for an exclusive look at their successful digital web series, The Scene. In the interview Dina outlines the genesis of the project and the role PBS Digital Studios played, cross-platform marketing and promotion efforts, lessons learned, and what's next for the series.

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Web Series Spotlight: Panhandle PBS' Yellow City Sounds

Last Updated by Beau Waldrop | Web Communications Specialist | Panhandle PBS on

Yellow City Sounds (YCS) is a digital musical experience that showcases the “sound” of artists in the Texas Panhandle. From Texas country to rock ‘n’ roll, YCS highlights a diverse set of musicians in music videos filmed in intimate locations across the panhandle.

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South Carolina ETV Gets Digital with DSLR Training

Last Updated by Tabitha Safdi | Producer/Director | SCETV on

Travis and Slavik of Indie Alaska and Indie America visited South Carolina ETV for a two day training session on getting the most out of DLSR.

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WETA's new online series Not That DC challenges norms, both in concept and production

Last Updated by Jaclyn Diaz | SPI Team Social Media and Marketing Intern | PBS Digital on

We recently had a chance to speak with Mark Jones, Senior Manager of Interactive at WETA Digital Media, about the new web series Not That DC. The series aims to challenge the common stereotypes of D.C. being a place comprised only of bureaucrats and politics, instead revealing a lively city with communities of individuals who are interested in various out-of-the ordinary activities.

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KQED, WNET, PBS Digital Studios Take Home 9 Telly Awards

Last Updated by Jaclyn Diaz | SPI Team Social Media and Marketing Intern | PBS Digital on

The winners for the 36th Annual Telly Awards have been announced, and we'd like to congratulate PBS Digital Studios on winning 9 Telly Awards, including winning productions from PBS Member Stations KQED and WNET!

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More PBS Stations to receive Video Dad's Training

Last Updated by Kelsey Savage | Senior Associate | PBS Digital Studios on

Over the past few months, Travis Gilmour and Slavik Boyechko have been traveling to local PBS stations for a multi-day, hands-on digital video training. During the training they help produce two episodes of the PBS Digital Studios series “Indie America”. The goal of the training is to demonstrate the workflow necessary for a digital video team.

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Three Special Episodes Coming This Fall from Music Makes a City Now: A PBS Arts Web Series

Last Updated by Ariana Rodriguez-Gitler | Associate Web Producer | PBS Digital on

Music Makes a City Now, an original web series that explores present-day stories of musical visionaries who build communities through great music and civic engagement, will release 3 new special episodes this fall, starting Wednesday, November 4, 2015.

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Engagement Grants Available for Digital Series

Last Updated by Carla McCabe | Vice President for Digital and Multimedia Content | KCPT on

KCPT is offering ten $10,000 community engagement grants to create a local community engagement and promotional campaign in support of the new immersive documentary series: RE:Dream. The RFP deadline is Friday November 20th, 2015.

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Coming Soon: Multi-part How-To Series from PBS Digital Studios

Last Updated by Kelsey Savage | Assistant Director | PBS Digital Studios on

PBS Digital Studios is excited to announce the launch of Blank Slate, an educational series about online video production. This 16 episode series is produced by Emmy-nominated Travis Gilmour and Slavik Boyechko, perhaps better known as Video Dads.

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Blank Slate: ND Filters

Last Updated by Brandon Arolfo | Senior Director | PBS Digital Studios on

This week Brandon Arolfo, Senior Director of PBS Digital Studios, shares his experience with using ND filters.

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Blank Slate: Monopods

Last Updated by Kelsey Savage | Assistant Director | PBS Digital Studios on

Video monopods are a must-have on any shoot. Easily transportable and great for B-roll, filming with a monopod can add a whole new dimension to your video.

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Blank Slate: Tripods

Last Updated by Lauren Saks | Director of Programming | PBS Digital Studios on

Think you've got a steady hand? Best not to take a chance, use a tripod instead. Three is the magic number after all. Travis and Slavik from Video Dads share a simple list of elements that make their perfect tripod.

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Blank Slate: Handheld

Last Updated by Alex Duckles | Senior Editoral Associate | PBS Digital Studios on

In this week’s featured video from Blank Slate, Travis and Slavik walk through some quick tips on how to take your handheld project to the next level. To read more, check out this post here for more pointers on keeping your handheld shots at the top of their game.

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