YoPro San Diego: Let's Go!

Last Updated by Jennifer Carter, Amy Lust on

Believe it or not, it’s time to start getting ready for the PBS Annual Meeting. At this year’s meeting PBS Digital will be presenting a FREE young professionals workshop called YoPro: San Diego.

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Value PBS Bentomatic

Last Updated by Katie Wilson on

A new ValuePBS website launched this week and it’s available for stations to integrate into their websites, using Bentomatic. It makes the case why PBS and its member stations are a trusted, valued, and essential resource for communities, educators, and families.

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Going All In with PBS TechCon 2017

Last Updated by Max Duke on

This year, PBS TechCon is expected to offer even more learning, networking, and growth opportunities for attendees. The amount of sessions being offered for each discipline—T&O, Digital, Traffic—has increased, with sessions focused on digital fundraising and production being added to the mix.

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PBS Throwback campaign - coming very soon!

Posted by Leif Brostrom on

News from Kevin Dando, Sr. Director, PBS Social Media on a new campaign kicking off this week.

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Nashville Regional Meeting Preview

Last Updated by By Jen Carter Hinders | Assistant Director | PBS Digital, Carol Sorber | PBS Station Services on

The regional meetings are designed to bring together future leaders working on the frontlines of public media. The free meetings being produced and lead by PBS Station Services aim to provide an open platform where PBS member station attendees focus their discussions on creating new strategies for tackling the toughest challenges facing stations across the country. The ultimate goal of the discuss

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Young Professionals Workshop: Here’s to the Weird Ones

Last Updated by Jen Carter Hinders | Product Manager | PBS Digital on

For the second year PBS Digital will be producing a free Young Professionals Workshop (YoProWo) during the pre-conference at the PBS Annual Meeting taking place in Austin, TX. The workshop will be held Monday, May 11 from 8AM–5PM at the University of Texas' football stadium; near to where the GM planning meeting will be held.

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TechCon Sessions: Birds Eye View

Posted by by Katie Wilson | Senior Manager | PBS Digital on

TechCon is on the horizon! We have 30 Digital sessions for you to select from, and we are adding 4 Development sessions for a total of 34 Digitally focused sessions! You will not want to miss a minute.

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Be a Voice That Inspires at the 2017 PBS Annual Meeting

Last Updated by Gina Hardter on

The theme of the 2017 PBS Annual Meeting is “Voices That Inspire” and we’d like to hear from some of our most inspirational voices – you! Whether you will be attending this year’s Annual Meeting or not, PBS would like to showcase your voice during the General Audience Programming Sessions.

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Livestream PBS TechCon 2015

Last Updated by Kevin Ruppenthal | Director | Technology Communications & Engagement | T&O on

If you can't make the PBS TechCon, which kicks off today in Las Vegas, NV, the Technology and Operations team is providing a livestream feed of a few key sessions.

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Digital First Discussion from TechCon 2015

Last Updated by Raymond Schillinger | Video Operations Manager | PBS Digital Studios on

This post marks the first in a series on PBS Digital's presence at PBS TechCon 2015, in Las Vegas. Look for more posts in the coming weeks!

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A Look Back on Annual Meeting

Last Updated by Amy Lust | Senior Associate | PBS Digital on

In preparation for Annual Meeting this year, lets take a look at some posts from Annual Meetings past.

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Suggested Digital Sessions for Annual Meeting

Last Updated by Amy Lust | Senior Associate | PBS Digital on

Headed to Annual Meeting next week? There are over 100 breakout sessions to choose from this year submitted by stations, PBS staff and partners. With so many to choose from, we pulled together a list of just a few of the digital themed sessions offered.

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YoPro Talks: Leadership Panel At TechCon

Posted by Jennifer Carter, Amy Lust on

To help break down the walls that can form between leaders and staff in an organization, YoPro will be hosting a Leadership Panel at PBS TechCon 2017.

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Dont Miss DevDay at PBS Annual Meeting!

Last Updated by Amanda J. Hoehn | Assistant Director | PBS Development Service on

On Thursday May 18th, the PBS development community is invited to gather at the Annual Meeting in San Diego for a new learning and networking experience!

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Notes from TechCon16

Last Updated by Pam Parker | Director of Communications and Social Impact | CPT12 on

Curious as to why you should make the trip? Pam Parker from CPT12 shared her thoughts after attending last year’s TechCon. Find out what she found valuable here.

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