Getting to Know Your Audience

Last Updated by Taylor Shore on

The conversations about audience can be endless: What information is important to know about them? Where do you get that information? What do you do with that information when you get it? Which audiences do you even care about?

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Innovative Ideas & Amazing Possibilities: The Digital Media Advisory Council

Last Updated by by Cheraine Stanford | Senior Producer/Director | WPSU on

"What do you get when you gather a group of smart, thoughtful people from public media stations around the country in a room to talk about the future of digital media?" Find out what new DMAC member, WPSU's Cheraine Stanford, thought about this year's Digital Media Advisory Council Summit and the future of digital in public media

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The Great British Baking Show Season 4: Passport Opportunity

Last Updated by Eric Freeland, Chas Offutt on

Season 4 of The Great British Baking show will have all 10 episodes available for members that have activated their passport accounts to stream starting on Friday, June 16, 2017 — the same time as the series premiere.

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Celebrate Public Media This Giving Tuesday

Last Updated by SPI Team on

PBS Digital and PBS Development Services are excited to let you know that we will be promoting Giving Tuesday to drive donors to your local donation page tomorrow.

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New Improvements to Prospect Reports

Last Updated by Michelle Chaplin | Sr. Manager-Online Fundraising | PBS Digital on

In an effort to ensure stations have the resources and information they need to capture the most value from the new prospects we’re delivering through the Station Portal, we’ve made a few updates to the reports.

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KLRN Reinvents Their Online Giving Experience

Last Updated by Patrick Driscoll | Webmaster | KLRN on

At KLRN in San Antonio, Texas, we know a lot about our supporters because we spend a lot of time talking and visiting with them on the phone, during events and through other communications. What we didn’t know is why, after they found our online donation page, three out four ended up leaving.

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KQED Measures Financial Impact of PBS Holiday Campaign

Last Updated by Andrew Alvarez | Digital Fundraising Specialist | KQED on

Audience engagement lies at the very center of KQED’s Strategic Plan for FY15-17, and we are especially interested in the ways that digital, mobile and online activities impact how our viewers, listeners and visitors interact with us. A new initiative for this year is the creation of an Audience Insights and Ingenuity Team, tasked with researching, analyzing and acting on data received from these

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Campaign Results from PBS' Year-End Promotional Banners

Last Updated by Chas Offutt | Director of Digital | PBS Development Services, Dan Haggerty | Senior Manager | Digital Analytics on

For nonprofit fundraising professionals, calendar year-end is critical – up to 40 percent of individual giving occurs during the final months of the year. So development teams will go to great lengths to ensure fundraising channels are optimized for donations.

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Dont Miss DevDay at PBS Annual Meeting!

Last Updated by Amanda J. Hoehn | Assistant Director | PBS Development Service on

On Thursday May 18th, the PBS development community is invited to gather at the Annual Meeting in San Diego for a new learning and networking experience!

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KLRU Uses Innovative Crowdfunding Techniques for Pledge Drive

Last Updated by Susannah Winslow | Membership Director | KLRU-TV Austin on

KLRU has been making a concerted effort to experiment around on-air pledge drives for several years, in large part due to viewer feedback. This June, KLRU decided to take a calculated risk by taking the pledge drive off air and putting it online.

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'How does your station measure up?' Digital Fundraising Infographic Launched

Last Updated by Chas Offutt | Director of Digital | PBS Development Services on

In collaboration with digital fundraising leaders at tpt, WETA, KQED, and Arizona PBS, PBS Development Services launched the first digital fundraising infographic at PMDMC.

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WETA Lightbox Test Yielded 75% Increase in Total Initial Revenue

Last Updated by Natasha Hilton | Senior Associate | Development Services on

With August pledge in the rearview mirror and December pledge on the horizon, it’s a good time to pause and reflect—taking a deeper look at the efficacy of existing digital fundraising tactics, and perhaps more importantly, exploring the opportunity to test new ones.

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YoPro Goes to TechCon!

Last Updated by Jennifer Carter, Amy Lust on

PBS's Young Professional initiative expands its presence to PBS TechCon.

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New Station Revenue Attributed to PBS August Lightbox Clicks

Last Updated by Natasha Hilton | Senior Associate | Development Services on

Lightboxes have proved to be a useful digital tool in advanced fundraising and marketing strategies at the station level, which was highlighted in a previous post that tracked WETA’s success during the August on-air fundraising drive.

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Case Study: Acquiring New Sustainers through Digital Marketing & Fundraising Strategies

Last Updated by Natasha Hilton | Senior Associate | Development Services on

For the Digital Sustainer Acquisition Campaign, PBS provided stations Roku streaming sticks and marketing materials, allowing them to experiment with a digital fundraising channel with reduced risk to acquire and cultivate new sustainers. The results were encouraging.

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