Lunch and Learn: Bento Quick Tip, Bento Out of the Box

Posted by Jose-old Fernandez, Product Deployment Manager on

We'll show you what comes with your Bento admin out of the box

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Lunch and Learn: COVE Refactor and UI Enhancements

Posted by Jose-old Fernandez on

PBS Digital discusses how COVE's backend was refactored in order to minimize errors. Also, get a peek at the sleek new admin!

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What PBS Means to My Generation

Posted by Christopher Bakes, SPI Intern on

We, the so-called “Millennials,” are the first generation to grow up with the Internet. Born in 1992, I used a computer before I was in kindergarten. For the newest generation of young adults, consuming and creating digital media feels as normal as drinking coffee in the morning and brushing our teeth before bed. We are the generation that will innovate technology to new heights. We’re on the c...

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The Vine Effect: Instagram to get Video?

Posted by Daniel Levy, PBS Digital Intern on

Rumors always run rampant in social media, but as of late, many revolve around a press event Facebook is holding on June 20. Sources over at TechCrunch claim Facebook will unveil an Instagram platform enabling users to shoot and share short videos, thereby expanding mobile video sharing.

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Lunch and Learn: Using Google Webmaster Tools

Posted by Jose-old Fernandez, Product Deployment Manager on

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service from Google that offers a wide variety of functionality. This webinar will walk you through how to discover problems and opportunities in your website using Google Webmaster Tools.

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FYI Friday: Social TV Makes Big Progress in 2013

Posted by Kelsey Savage, PBS Interactive on

Lounging around on your couch, clicker and blanket in tow, might not seem like the most overtly social activity. Yet, these days, even when we’re spending the evening parked in front of the television, we’re able to connect with our friends immediately about a show’s plot progression. In particular, Twitter has been leading the way for developing a strong social TV landscape.

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FYI Corner: Pinning it all on Pinterest

Posted by Amy Baroch, Station Products and Innovation on

Just when I thought that I couldn’t have room in my heart for another social network - I have fallen in love. And this love is different than anything I’ve ever felt. From the lovely bright logo and visually beautiful layout, to the ease and simplicity of sharing, to the way I can get lost and find myself coming up for air an hour later having discovered so many new things. So here I pin my hea...

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