Civilizations: Call-Out for Volunteer Bloggers

Posted by Anaïs Cayo on

Does your station have artists-in-residence or partnerships with artists in your community? If so, PBS is inviting them to be bloggers for the upcoming nine-part series Civilizations. Interested artists would be invited to pre-screen each episode before they air and blog about its themes and how it relates to their own work.

See similar Call the Midwife “Modern Day Midwives” blog, a partnership with Detroit Public TV. 

Do you have interested artists in mind? Questions? Need suggested social media language?

Please email Anaïs Cayo ( in the Digital & Marketing team. 

About Civilizations

Survey the history of art, from antiquity to the present, on a global scale. “Civilizations," premiering April 17 at 8/7c, reveals the role art and creative imagination have played in forging humanity, and introduce viewers to works of beauty, ingenuity and illumination across cultures.

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