#MyAPALife: Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

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PBS has teamed up with CAAMPICWorld Channel and AmDoc for the return of #MyAPALife, a social media campaign that celebrates Asian American & Pacific Islander culture. The campaign uses films to inspire viewers to share their own personal stories and memories through a photo or video. Take a sneak peek


Every week, PBS will release a series of social videos and photos from films produced by our public media partners. Each promotion will be paired with a call to action that encourages audiences to share their own stories using the hashtag #myAPALife.  Last year we received over 1K photos and videos from audiences. This year we want to inspire even more!  

We have prepared a collection of social videos and photos for you to use throughout the month.  And two bentomatic collections are available for your sites (see details below).

To sign up for weekly emails with recommended social copy, please reach out to nreleycarr@pbs.org.  And if you have local films that you’d like to include in the campaign, please send them our way. 

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!  


Browse APAHM Bentomatics:

To gain access to any of the available Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Bentomatics for your station site, submit your request via the Digital Support Portal or contact nreleycarr@pbs.org.





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