Digital Studios DSLR Station Grants Available!

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PBS Digital Studios is happy to announce a new DSLR equipment grant available to 10 PBS member stations.

What are the grant requirements?
Ideal candidates for this DSLR Package are eager to grow in the areas of digital video and producing original content for the web. As part of this project, each recipient station must produce one short video (two minutes minimum) using the new gear, both to help troubleshoot any issues with the equipment and to help foster collaboration on new projects. PBS Digital Studios will send out several content prompts to help encourage best-practices in digital video production.

  • The application will be open 10/5-11/2
  • Recipients will be announced around 12/9
  • Gear will be distributed in early 2017
  • Short video content deadline currently set in April 2017

Gear_All v1.pngWhat is included in the gear?
The main focus of this equipment package is flexibility. The core item in the bundle is new Nikon D610 camera and full range of accompanying gear. DSLR equipment being made today is light and portable, but at the same time maintaining the power and quality of traditional gear. The power of this new generation of cameras lends itself to fast-paced, energetic storytelling that retains the crisp, colorful, flawless images online audiences have come to expect.

Alongside the camera itself, this package also includes everything you need to help in the production process from start to finish. For your shoot, we’re packaging together two new lenses, a carrying case, and tripod — all chosen specifically to give producers a broad range of filming options, while at the same time staying relatively light and flexible. Bundles also come with an interview lighting kit from Ikan, with three LED lights and stands that are compact yet powerful, the perfect tool to help bring out the best of your image.

As the expectations for quality video have been changing rapidly in the recent decades, so have the expectations for audio. In addition to the camera and lighting equipment, the gear bundle also includes two wireless lavalier microphones and a Zoom audio recorder kit. This setup can help ensure top recording quality even while outdoors and on the go.

And to top off the package: two rugged 2TB hard drives and four SD cards. With all the high-quality footage that DSLR cameras can pull together, keeping it safely stored and easily mobile is of the upmost importance. 

For any station working in digital video today, staying up-to-date with equipment is a major challenge — we hope that this gear package will provide a swift and supportive boost into digital video production efforts.


For more details on the equipment, on expected deliverables, and on our timeline for the project, that’s all available on the application document. We will announce the ten stations in December. Good luck applying and we wish you the best of luck in producing great quality digital video!

Any questions? Do not hesitate to email your SPI Rep or

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