Postcards from the Great Divide

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New State-Specific Elections 2016 Content

This election season, PBS is connecting audiences to election conversations all over the nation. A new series of short documentaries by leading American independent filmmakers, Postcards from the Great Divide, should be of interest to anyone who wants to explore the link between demographics and voting behavior.

Stations in Kentucky, Washington, Nebraska and Nevada should keep an eye out: New episodes are on the way which might be of special interest to your audience!

Each film focuses on a different state, and examines the political climate unique to that region. You can view the first wave of films, focusing on Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin, here. New films focusing on Kentucky, Washington, Nebraska and Nevada will be available on a weekly basis, starting Sept. 19.

Postcards From The Great Divide will be released in a digital partnership between PBS' Election 2016 initiative and The Washington Post, with a subsequent PBS broadcast on the World Channel.

Please share this exciting show with your audience, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #electionPBS

For more details, contact and visit the show’s official website here.

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