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It’s back! The lightbox. Also known as an overlay. PBS Digital and Development Services have partnered for the fifth time to leverage the millions of unique visitors to in order to generate donations for stations. This time, however, we are adding iOS and Android mobile and tablet apps to the mix. We’ve used the lightbox both during Pledge and end-of-year giving with measurable success, and we believe that the addition of iOS and Android apps will prove just as successful.

How Does It Work and What Can You Do to Leverage It?

The lightbox connects the prospective donor to their localized station. When the user clicks or taps on the lightbox, they will be directed to the station’s donation page. Therefore, if the station has a special pledge-only URL that you want to direct donors to, please log onto the Station Data Manager to update your current donation URL. Your station’s digital representative likely has access to Station Data Manager. You can always contact the Digital Support Portal to gain access.

The lightbox will be in effect from 12:01 AM on August 22 until 12:01 AM on September 5. If you are using a special donation URL for pledge, you must remember on September 5 to go back to Station Data Manager and change back your donation URL to its usual destination.

The lightbox will behave differently on Desktop vs. Apps.



  • The lightbox will appear on and its subpages only.
  • It will not appear on producer sites such as Masterpiece or American Masters.
  • It will only appear to localized users so as not to conflict with the localization popup.
  • If a user clicks on the Donate CTA, they will not see the popup again.
  • If a user closes the popup, they will see it again on their next session provided that 24 hours has passed since they last saw it.
  • No user will receive the pop up more than three times.


  • It will appear at app launch for iOS and Android PBS Video apps on mobile/tablet
  • The lightbox will appear only once per device during this campaign

Can I Track Clickthroughs?

In short the answer is yes. We have documented how to retrieve the data via our own Google Analytics accounts in this blog. The caveat is that you have to already be tracking your donation pages with Google Analytics. You will see the visits to your donation page and even the average amount of time they spent on your page!

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to your PBS Digital representative directly or

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