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The 2016 Campaign Connection Bentomatic is now available, linking the world of PBS election coverage to your station site. Through up-to-date coverage of the election cycle, the page provides exciting news and analysis, curated daily from the spectrum of public media content.

The new Bentomatic provides access to elections-related content from PBS’ partners (including NPR, PBS NewsHour and a wealth of other sources at the national and local level) in a space that can link seamlessly with your own political coverage.The Bentomatic is updated daily to reflect the shifting news cycle. You’ll find the day’s top news, videos and features, as well as analysis on campaign issues and revolving spot news pieces to round out supporting coverage.

For a station example see how OETA leveraged the site locally: 


In the future, the page will be updated to include social media integration, drawing from Campaign Connection’s developing social hub, which may include interactive polls, quizzes and experiences.

Join in the election conversation by including the national campaign hashtag (#electionPBS) and the local producer hashtag (#localvotePBS) in your posts, to ensure we’re able to draw your content into our social strategy. Stay up to date with all the latest news on content being shared locally and nationally by joining the Elections 2016 – Local Station Collab Facebook group and let us know what you’re working on!

To have the Campaign Connection 2016 Bentomatic assigned to your site, submit your request via the Digital Support Portal.

Contact Elections 2016 site producer Terry Mulcahy (tdmulcahy@pbs.org) with any other questions about the elections site.

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