#SeizetheSummer Bentomatic and Campaign

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What’s the idea behind #SeizetheSummer?

We all feel the stress. Busy lives. Longer work hours. The struggle to balance careers and family has never been greater. But Summer can still be Summer. Summer is that magical, yet fleeting, opportunity to connect with our family and friends. Summer brings cookouts and picnics and pool parties. Fireworks and camping and the beach. Vacation. Birthdays. These are the times we make memories. Those memories should be happy and pure. Share your tips and tricks, recipes, photos and favorite memories with using #SeizetheSummer. Together, we can make this Summer magical.

How will it work?

PBS Food will manage the promotion, which consists of content from PBS Food, PBS Parents, PBS Digital Studios and hopefully your local station. The content will include relevant videos, articles, resources and recipes that help our audience make the most of their Summer experiences. The overall theme will carry throughout the Summer – from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend.

Each week, the social promotion will include a specific theme or question to engage the audience. The themes will be tied to timely events throughout the Summer such as holidays, vacations and back-to-school planning.

How can your station participate?

  1. Social Media
    Use the #SeizetheSummer hashtag across your platforms when promoting your own relevant content or highlighting content from national PBS initiatives. PBS Food will be re-sharing as many posts possible from the audience, local stations and our content partners. 
  2. Bentomatic
    The #SeizetheSummer hub (http://www.pbs.org/seizethesummer) is available as a Bentomatic page for use on local station websites. The Bentomatic hub will be updated with new content on a rolling basis, no less than once a week.
  3. Content Contribution
    We want to highlight local content that is relevant to the promotion! Do you have fun Summer drink recipes? Guides for Summer tourists to make the most of visiting your community? Summer events for kids? All of these types of content make perfect sense for promotion within the #SeizetheSummer promotion.

What assets are available?

We’ve created an inventory of co-brandable quote cards and graphics for use on social media that match each of the promotional themes. Example below.


Additionally, PBS Food can provide logos and other #SeizetheSummer graphics for use on your Bentomatic page or non-Bento site. 

What’s the schedule of promotional themes?

  • Week of May 31: Healthy Summer Food, especially stuff that will go well with activities

  • Week of June 7: Stuff that goes well with a Summer birthday party (can be stuff for a parents at a party, for example. Doesn’t have to be kids-only.)

  • Week of June 14: Father’s Day-related content

  • Week of June 21: Pool-side drinks (or food)

  • Week of June 28: 4th of July content

  • Week of July 4: Stuff you can make on a vacation (at a beach house, for example)

  • Week of July 11: Ice cream Week

  • Week of July 18: Food to take on a picnic

  • Week of July 25: BBQ Food/sides/etc

  • Week of August 1: Meatless Summer Dishes

  • Week of August 8: Fun fair food at home (might be a stretch to pull off)

  • Week of August 15: Back to school/getting back to healthy dinners

  • Week of August 22: Favorite things from the Summer

Who can I reach out to with questions?

We want to hear from you with any questions or ideas you might have about this promotion. Please email Matt Schoch (meschoch@pbs.org) or Ashley Carufel (arcarufel@pbs.org).

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