TechCon 2016: Grant Recipients

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PBS Digital is pleased to announce the receipts for the TechCon 2016 grant.  We received an incredible response to this opportunity, with applications coming from stations all over the country. Recipient's applications expressed genuine enthusiasm for the opportunity to attend TechCon to learn, network, and share your experience back out to their stations.

The grant recipients are as follows:

  • Kevin Cooney, Digital Marketing Specialist, Mountain Lake PBS 

  • Ashley Swanson, Digital Marketing Specialist, KUED

  • Doug Jaggers, Web Content Producer, WFYI

  • Chris  Zellers, Creative Director, WVIA

  • Pam Parker, Director of Communications and Social Impact, Colorado Public Television

  • Shatera Sangster, Digital Services Manager, Valley PBS

  • Carly Severn, Social Media Manager, KQED

  • Tabitha Safdi, Digital Media Manager and Producer, South Carolina ETV

  • Tom Dooley, Television Producer, WXXI 

  • Abby Malik, Digital Marketing Coordinator, KET

Continue to follow along with the SPI blog@SPI_PBS, and #TechCon16 for updates during and after this year's TechCon! 

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