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This February, PBS Black Culture Connection is turning the lens on viewers and fans — we want to see how Black History & Culture influences their lives and directly from their point of view! 

Each day is a new challenge. We've outlined 29 words— ideas, people, adjectives, expressions — one for every day in the month of February. Take a look at the live site and see the social interaction. Each day, we want to see what these words look like in your viewer’s lives — directly from their lens. Photos shared on social media with the hashtag #MyBlackHistory will be aggregated into living collage on PBS.org (w/ the option to be hosted on your local station site).

PBS Black Culture Connection has prepared as suite of resources for you to bring this campaign to your viewers, including: a Bentomatic page, social memes, sample tweets, and more! Download resources here, and be sure to come back because new resources will be added every week!

Additional BHM Assets:
E-banner/ Video: Please see The Source.
Press release: Black History Month 2016 (click to download)

Available on The Source and PBS PressRoom. Discover more BCC content below. 

Happy Black History Month! 

Browse BCC Bentomatics: 

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