Station Data Manager: Coming Soon!

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PBS Digital is working to improve the workflow for managing core station data to make two major improvements: 

  • Identify and unify all core station data and create a single system of record 
  • Put data management back where it belongs — with the stations 

What is “core” data? Information types common to all PBS stations, such as primary call sign, logos, Donate URL, etc., which can be leveraged across multiple systems and applications. 

To facilitate this, we will release later this fall a new console and internal API, called Station Data Manager, which will store all core station information and logos. Once these tools are in place, PBS Digital will work to leverage the new data source across our internal PBS platforms-, Roku, TV Schedules, KIDS, apps, etc.

Please Note: Until all PBS platforms are pulling data from Station Data Manager, and it becomes the true system of record, stations will need to make updates within the new system, as well as continue to follow the current process of submitting requests via the Digital Support Portal. Once all platforms have been migrated, updates will only need to be managed within Station Data Manager. Please bear with us as we work through the transition phase; we’ll keep you updated on progress. 


Current Challenges

  • Fragmentation: Station data exists across various applications & departments
  • Too many resource dependencies: Updates handled by SPIs, Support, & Ops
  • Speed: Stations can’t manage their own information
  • Outdated: Current structure lacks critical data 

Station Data Manager Goals

  • Centralize: Unify all core station information, to simplify management
  • New-and-improved tools: Develop new console and API
  • Define core data: Add/Update fields to suit business needs
  • Flexibility: Design system to adapt to expanded data requirements
  • Permissions: Enable stations to manage their own information
  • Migrate: Transition current PBS platforms to use the new API
  • redesign: Enable Curate tool to program station modules

Learn more about the Station Data Manager in the upcoming webinar on November 3rd at 3:00 PM EST. During the webinar PBS Digital will be introducing and demoing the Station Manager tool and answering your questions! 

*This post was updated to reflect the modified name of the Station Data Manager. 


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