Enhancements to Bento Admin Interface and COVE Integration

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This week PBS Digital’s Web Services team will be releasing several updates to the Bento platform, which aims to improve the admin user interface. For heavy Bento users, in June, a new admin style was introduced to the smart snippets and plugins only. To finalize the first phase of this admin restyling, the team has applied similar styling and updates to the rest of the Bento admin. This includes all sections from Pages and Blogs, to Smart Snippets and Templates. Users will not be technically impacted by the items within this release. This is mainly a facelift with some minor tweaks to enhance and improve user workflow. Additional retooling is on the product roadmap and will be shared with the system as the work progresses.

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The elements users can expect to see include (a/an): Profile and Support Links.png

  • Larger, easier to read text throughout the admin;
  • Application of user-friendly color palettes for tool elements; 
  • Introduction of iconography for tool elements;
  • Easier to navigate profile and support links (which links Bento users to the Digital Support Portal);
  • De-cluttered Pages admin interface that better reflects user behavior;
  • Comprehensive tool documentation and resources.

Querying COVE Assets in Bento:

COVE Pagination.pngIn the same vein of improving user experience within the admin, users can also expect from this release improvements to the COVE/Merlin look up interface. An essential element within relevant PBS Digital products and services is integration with existing platforms and tools. As COVE and Merlin integration is one of the most widely utilized features within the admin, the team set out to improve the search capabilities in the hopes of more effectively connecting users with their desired content. 

Enhancements users can expect include:

Paginated search results in COVE query interface; Ability to query and pull back search results based on terms within a content channels name. What does really mean? Take for example, a user who is attempting to add COVE content via a smart snippet or plugin which has been integrated with COVE. Currently users can expect when they search for a term like “Poldark”, the search results will display assets that have that term in both the description and title to surface. With this release users will also see results that include that term in the content channel name. As well if there are more than 20 search results that are returned from a given search, users can now navigate to those additional pages by clicking the older or newer buttons at the top of the pop-up window.

Snippet Formatting Improvements: Section Divider

Other elements users will see in this week's build is the font rationalization of the Section Divider smart snippet. We released the font rationalization for the entire platform earlier this year, and as this snippet is PBS-provided we will be applying the same styling users have currently applied to their standard Bento sites. For those that use custom font styling, this updated shouldn’t affect your page, as your styling supersedes the font that comes from PBS Digital.

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What’s Next for Bento?Platform Updates: The team is continuing to improve the product's infrastructure. In an effort to grow the strength and sustainability of the product, we will be completing the final phase of the platform updates within the next few weeks. This should not impact the admin-facing experience. 

Improving PMP Integration: Earlier this year PBS Digital released the ability to pull in PMP content on to sites powered by Bento via the Explorer Custom Promo snippet and Blog Entries section. We followed up with that initial launch by releasing the ability to auto-publish content from the PMP on to your Bento site using the blog tool. The final phase of this initial integration work will be released in the next update (coming this month). It will allow stations to push content to the PMP. Having the ability to push and pull content from the PMP creates additional opportunities for stations to leverage this powerful tool in their own platforms.

If you have any questions, comments or feature requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the SPI teamDigital Support or Web Services teams.

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