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supportrollout.pngPBS Digital Support Portal is now available for all stations. The Support Portal has been rolled out slowly to several stations over the past three months. The Support portal fixes a fundamental issue - that there has been no good way to separate urgent technical problems from mere questions.

The Digital Support Portal will now be the place to report problems with the COVE, Bento or Merlin systems; to ask for a new COVE content channel; or to submit updates to station logos, donate URLs and the like. Additionally the Support Portal has integrated into it a Knowledge base. In the Knowledge base you can find general help and FAQ's about PBS Digital Products. The Knowledge base is constantly being expanded as new product features are added.

The SPI team is still your first point of contact for questions about digital best practices, strategy and timelines for PBS Digital product improvements. 

What to Expect
With the new PBS Digital Support Portal, stations’ digital teams will be able to:

  • Have direct access to PBS Digital Operations, without SPI team acting as an intermediary 
  • Add additional information or comments to help requests they've already filed
  • Check the status of help requests
  • Look at all of their station’s submitted tickets
  • Quickly search a PBS Digital product knowledge base

Getting Set Up
Add your station's COVE/Merlin and Bento users by filling out this form and then send it back to you Digital rep or pbsi_spi@pbs.org. PBS Digital will add the staff to the system. Once added, each user will receive an email with activation information.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to your Digital Rep or contact pbsi_spi@pbs.org.

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