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As in “Big Blue Live!”

Our colleague Kevin Dando notes that night one of Big Blue Live was in Nielsen’s Top Five for social interactions. So keep those tweets (and Facebook posts) coming tonight and Wednesday. The map dots correlate to the tweets and their locations, the selected tweets display on the Big Blue map.

  • 3,400 people sent 8,500 Tweets about PBS’s Big Blue Live on 8/31/15 and 235,800 people saw those Tweets a total of 676,000 times.
  • Big Blue Live was the #4 most social series on broadcast yesterday (Source: Nielsen, 8/31/15, ranked on impressions)
  • Big Blue Live was the #1 most social docs and special interests program yesterday (Source: Nielsen, 8/31/15, ranked on unique audience)

Suggested tweets and posts resources are linked below:  

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